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Pack of honey in miniature pots with four different flavors.

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Honeydew from fir tree, with its very sweet and delicate taste, is a great supplement of mineral salts and a friend food for your intestines thanks to its help to the immune system. 

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This honey has expectorant properties. It is useful in case of cough, sore throat. It has balsamic, digestive, antibiotic and aseptic properties. 

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Sweetening properties of acacia honey are very appreciated. This honey has many other properties: detoxifying, antioxidant, counterbalancing and mildly purgative. 

9,50 €
Orange tree honey has a fruity, pleasantly sour taste. It is relaximg, detoxifying, rich in vitamines and mineral salts. 

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Il miele di castagno ha sapore aromatico complesso e potenti proprietà antiossidanti e antimicrobiche.  The chestnut tree honey has aromatic and complex taste, it has powerful antioxidant and antimicrobic properties. 

8,50 €
The ecualyptus honey has solid texture, amber color. Its properties are expectorating, antioxidant and antibacterial. 

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The dandelion honey has hepatic-stimulating and detox properties. It is a great diuretic food, and it is intensely hay and chamomile-scented, but with delicate taste. 

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The linden honey has realaxing action, support for sleeping, it soothes cough and sore throat, and protects liver. 

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The sunflower honey is antineuralgic and antipyretic, a natural restorative, capable to lower cholesterol and calcify bones. The most appropriate match is with aged cheese. 

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The wildflower honey soothes cough and has detox qualities for the liver. It sweetens and energizes. Its taste can change based on the blooming period and zone, and the color can reveal the flavour: if it is dark it is more intense, if it is clear it is delicate. 

15,50 €
This package includes:    - a jar of 100% Italian production honey of 250 g    - a jam jar     - yummy honey candies, also suitable for soothing coughs

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This package contains:- 100% Italian honey g 250 high quality - jar of Haselnussa, delicious hazelnut cream, without palm oil and with about 100 calories less than the best known chocolate and hazelnut cream on the market  - jar of dried fruit with acacia honey   - honey candies