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17,50 €
Grappa matured 2 years in oak barrels. Dedicated to Bassano del Grappa.

14,00 €
Grappa of marc obtained from a cuvée of red grape varieties of the province. Dedicated to Bassano del Grappa. 

19,00 €
“Sarpa” in Venetian dialect means “grape-pomace”, the raw material from which Grappa is made.

13,50 €
Typical Veneto specialty. To make it, the plum fresh juice is placed in infusion in alcohol and sugar. 

17,50 €
Chamomile flower heads get put in an infusion of alcohol, Grappa and sugar.

15,50 €
A liqueur based on Grappa and acacia honey, with essential oils from mugo pine, juniper, mint and lemon verbena to grant exquisite balsamic sensations.

14,00 €
A liqueur based on Grappa, obtained by cutting (taiar) Grappa with an alcohol infusion of cinchona bark (Chinchona Calisaya), orange peel and cloves.

14,00 €
Bitter liquer obtained by putting aromatic herbs in infusion in Grappa and alcohol.

24,50 €
Aromatic Grappa obtained from the marc of Moscato.

60,00 €
Grappa aged in barriques.

20,00 €
Packaging: cardboard package  Content: 3 x 100 ml  Product: POLI Bassano 24 Carati, POLI Bassano Classica, POLI Taiadea Measures (cm): 26,5 X 24,5 X h9

96,00 €
Packaging: maxxi tube package copper.Content: 4 x 700 ml.Product: Sarpa di Poli, POLI Sarpa Barrique, POLI Uvaviva Italiana, POLI Brandy Italiano.Measures (cm): H 35.8, Ø 18.

47,00 €
Packaging: wooden box Content: 5 x 100 ml  Product: POLI Grappa Sarpa Oro - POLI Grappa Cleopatra Moscato Oro - POLI Grappa Due Barili - POLI Grappa Cleopatra Amarone Oro - POLI Grappa di Sassicaia. Measures (cm): 26,5 X 9 X h24,5